What are Full Spectrum CBD Products? More Than the Sum of Their Parts

All our cannabinoid-rich hemp products are ‘full spectrum’, i.e. they make use of all the naturally occurring cannabinoids in the hemp plant to maximize the benefits of the   ‘Entourage Effect’. 

Cannabinoids Plural

CBD is one of the natural components of the hemp plant. Together with its sister cannabinoids, (such as THC, THCA, CBDA, CBG, CBGA, CBN), and other plant parts like terpenes, flavonoids and minerals, it provides the basis of beneficial full spectrum products. Full spectrum products are sometimes referred to as ‘whole plant’ formulas because they keep all the properties of the plant intact. By retaining all plant-based components, the full spectrum CBD from Pure Natur. benefits from the synergistic properties between the components, often referred to as ‘The Entourage Effect’.


When we look at other active plant components, we definitely need to tell you more about the terpenes. Terpenes are short chain isoprenes, these are the building blocks of essential oil within plants. They’re responsible for aromatic diversity and we at Pure Natur. believe that cannabinoid and other plant components such as terpenes can produce a beneficial effect with respect to aiding pain relief, inflammation reduction, depression, anxiety, addiction, epilepsy, fungal and bacterial infections and much more. In other words, we think terpenes are essential to the health benefits of the plant.

Common hemp terpenes include:

Linalool, also found in lavender (thought to have anesthetic, anticonsulvant, analgesic, and anti-anxiety benefits).

Beta caryophyllene, also found in black pepper (thought to have anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and cell protecting qualities).

Myrcene, also found in mango (believed to have anti-inflammatory, anti-depressant, sleep aiding, muscle relaxing attributes).

Limonene, also found in lemon (thought beneficial for treating acid reflux and anxiety, or used as an antiseptic, or to raise energy).

These plant aromatic compounds are valuable to the plants, and scientists now believe, to people consuming them too. Since we at Pure Natur. use all parts of the plant, our products will contain a fair amount of these important substances.

Full spectrum CBD oil from Pure Natur. contains the following natural ingredients:

⦁                CBD

⦁                Other phytocannabinoids

⦁                Terpenes

⦁                Flavonoids

⦁                Minerals

⦁                Hemp seed oil; cold-pressed within 24 hours of harvesting

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